Carvico and Jersey Lomellina Increasingly Committed to Sustainability

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina—industry leaders in Italian textile innovation, research and development—are committed to creating sustainable products for a greener, healthier planet. “Ours is a long-term choice,” said Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, president and CEO of Carvico Group. “It is the only way we have, today, to preserve the planet which our children will inherit tomorrow.”

Collectively the companies have been supporters of Healthy Seas since 2016. Healthy Seas collects discarded fishing nets in danger of harming marine life. The nylon waste is then transformed by Aquafil into a 100% recycled yarn called ECONYL, which itself can be recycled numerous times. Carvico’s sustainable fabrics include Vita, Vita Power, Vita Suede and Revolutional Eco, while Jersey Lomellina’s sustainable fabric brands are Renew Cult, Renew Prime, Renew Style, Renew Fine and Style Peach.

Stretch warp knits by Carvico and circular knits by Jersey Lomellina have received several quality control certifications, such as the Oeko-Tex standard 100, class 1. Color integrity and fastness, elasticity, technical performance and UV protection are just a few of the product attributes monitored on a constant basis to achieve cutting-edge, high-performance stretch fabrics with a soft hand. For more information, visit and