Season 2016 Trends

Trends 2016

Manufacturers, designers and suppliers discuss the trendiest styles, colors, prints and fabrics comprising the newest collections.

From sporty to 70s chic and retro glamour, swim and resortwear covers a wide spectrum for Season 2016. Designers and manufacturers are inspired by the ever-evolving needs of women as well as naturalistic and earthy beauty. Health and well-being and a return to nature are key influences as are surfing, sports and innovative, high-tech fabrics. A tree-spirited bohemian aesthetic and beach­to-street dressing capture the SoCal lifestyle while metallics inspire an ultra-glamorous resort chic look. The most directional trends of the season include high necks, the ’70s, boho-chic, crochet, laser cuts. emo fabrics, deep-V one-pieces. caftans. modern ethnic influences and an abundance of textures, vibrant digital prints and glam metallics.

For many designers and manufacturers, lifestyle is a key influence across the board. “This is a year of diverse trends,” says Howie Greller, VP of merchandising at MANHATTAN BEACHWEAR who adds that many of their collections are inspired by exotic locations from around the globe. “Starting with lifestyle, styles run the gamut from the ’70s, the wanderlust boho­chic lifestyle, the exotic tropical traveler, to the good sport, to the urban sexpot glam gal, as well as to the nautical “prepster,” he explains. “Within each lifestyle, colors will vary from desert neutrals, to spice tones, to island brights, to candy pastels, and to mod black and white. Metallics will also make an appearance in gold foil and chrome details,” he says.

An emphasis on well-being is an over-arching influence in the swimwear market and inspires a return to nature, a neutral palette and emo fabrics. “For Cruise 2016 we are focusing on the inner beauty of our customer and trying to flatter the figure with placement prints and cover-ups that match the swimwear,” says Designer Red Carter. The innovative “Skin Collection” of fabrics by MAGLIFICIO RIPA features an “Explosion” group, which encapsulates a wide variety of colors, emotions and shapes developed for its “Splash” beachwear range. Fabrics are soft and vary in appearance from matt to gloss as well as satin finishes. Florals, geometric and optical prints range from delicate watercolors to bright, bold Chagall-inspired hues. The collection’s “Intuition” group includes innovative sport-like fabrics that can be utilized for lingerie or beachwear and incorporate tactile sensations that feel soft, warm, cold and slippery to the touch.

“A more neutral color palette has become much more relevant lately, and women nowadays are looking at swimwear as an essential piece in their wardrobe versus a ‘once a year’ buy,” says Oleema Miller. co-founder and designer of MIKOH who adds, “that a return to a more sleek aesthetic is refreshing.” Minimalistic style and an earthy palette are also key this season at SU BOO. “The minimal, simplistic shaping of the ’70s and ’80s is the most directional going forward,” says SUBOO’s Creative Director, Sue di Chio.

For CARVICO and JERSEY LOMELLINA, a key color trend named “Reality” is inspired by the earthy palette found in nature. Greens and brown hues were pulled from trees, vibrant green and blue hues from the ocean, and soft, delicate shades from flowers. Nature also inspired the “Sensitive Fabrics” summer 2016 collection. Visualize the energy of the early-morning sun and the glittering surface of the ocean in vibrant colors reproduced with three-dimensional effects. The company utilizes cutting-edge print techniques such as its innovative

“Eco-Print” and a “30 PRINT” that creates textures with optical effects. According to LA LAME and SEVNNA TEXTILE & PRINTING, which offers inkjet direct digital printing on swimwear fabrics. more and more designers will be using colorful prints this season. GOTTEX is incorporating many innovative prints in its collection including a lace and peacock print in its “Second Skin” line and a mixture of prints with bold-color movement and textures in a “Graphic Noise” line that flatter and shape the female form.

Overall, prints for Cruise ’16 vary widely across the board. “Tropical prints – both jungle and hibiscus – will be big in [season] 2016,” says Greller, adding that skins and Native American influences will continue. “Exotic geos, medallions and scarves from far away places will emerge, paisleys and tie-dyes are key for the boho-chic ?O’s influence. With that comes florals in all shapes and sizes, from vintage to digital modern,” he adds. Key for the sporty, active world he says are geo prints. stripes, conversational prints, word graphics and color blocking. Glam looks are both sophisticated and exotic offering digital print mixing, modern florals, sexy details and embellishments. Preppy styles range from pretty florals to gingham to engineered stripes. “Floral Fantasy” is a key inspiration in the GOTTEX collection, which utilizes different styles of prints such as photo prints and hand-painted effects that incorporate a variety of motifs. The TAIANA BLU collection of print fabrics this season include a micro-geometric print, multicolor optical prints with floral motifs, multicolor skin prints with metallic effects. pictorial flowers that create a vintage mood and a watercolor print in bright. fluorescent colors.

The athleisure lifestyle continues to drive textile innovation in the beachwear market and is a key inspiration for many designers this season. LA LAME and SEVNNA TEXTILE & PRINTING have incorporated bright, vibrant colors to convey an energetic feeling in shades such as bright yellow, hot pink, shocking orange and fancy green. “It is still very early, but on select showings our VIP stores have responded well to active­influenced styles, as well as very feminine and sexy styles,” Greller says. “High necks in two-piece and one-piece are key as well as long-line bras and sexy one-piece suits,” he adds. Active inspiration is also key for FRANKIE’S BIKINIS. influenced by the sporty, yet laid-back SoCal beach lifestyle this season. “People want playful and fun suits that also flatter their bodies,” says Designer Francesca Aiello “High­neck styles are an indicator of where swim fashion is headed right now,” she adds.

“As fitness continues to be an integral part of consumers’ lives the need for high­

performance swimwear fabrics continues,” according to leading spandex producer

HYOSUNG. Fabrics that “Propel” the body and enhance performance such as lightweight and core-compression fabrics feature the company’s CREORA® highclo™ super-chlorine-resistant spandex. CARVICO and JERSE Y LOMELLINA’s new bonded fabrics will also be key for Spring/Summer 2016 due to their technical and compression aspects. The fabrics. which have double-faced construction, can be used to design reversible bikinis and more. LA LAME and SEVNNA TEXTILE & PRINTING’S hottest new innovative fabric for 2016 is its “Spacer Swimwear Fabrics” that feature double-sided colors, double-sided printing and powered control. The company also offers innovative recycled-polyester swimwear fabrics and chlorine-resistant PBT fabrics, which are a top choice for the competitive swimwear market.

Taking inspiration from the past, manufacturers and designers are merging innovation with retro styling and updating them with a glam modern twist.

HYOSUNG features a quirky retro trend called “Evolution,” which is inspired by early Technicolor movies. Fabrics react through hue, but also through movement utilizing “CREORA• Power Fit” spandex. GOTTEX is ottering a “Vintage Glam” group this season, which features a photo print of beads and sequins with a touch of silver and rhinestones. “I believe the most innovative trend is our ‘Golden Glam’ trend,” says Gottex Designer Keren Gasner. “This is due to the use of cutting-edge accessories and materials such as foil LYCRA® and embroidery, embroidered golden motifs on mesh, textured golden fabric, silk with metallic threads, rich sequin photo-prints, rhinestone mesh and more.” To create a bright sophisticated look for Summer 2016, TAIANA BLU’s beachwear fabric collection includes a “Metal Farm” theme in which yarn-dyed fabrics are teamed with gold and silver metallic hues.

In addition to metallics, this season designers are adding plenty of surface interest to their designs. “Surface manipulation and pleating add a source of modern elegance to simple shapes,· says Designer Rod Beattie, adding that the most directional details in his BLEU ROD BEATTIE collection include ruched texture. cut-out and sheer details that accent the female form. “Artisan and craftsmanship effects such as macrame and crochet, crisscross weaving and knotting transform swim silhouettes with sexy modern detailing,” Beattie says, adding, “that the return of the bare back is also key.”

“Braids continue to be important in solid, multicolor, narrow, wide, and multiple strands,” says Linda Van Dine at NEW YORK BINDING CO. “We are also doing lots of novelty back strap details,” she explains adding that twist fabric cords are selling in apparel and should translate well into swim and cover-ups. Pleating details and elastic smocking are also on point.

“Fringe is important and should re-appear in swim again this season,” she says.

This season, ethnic chic looks such as caftans, kimonos, long dresses, relaxed beach ponchos, and off-the-shoulder tunics are strong. “The caftan is definitely the silhouette of the season in a range of styles – sheer and easy, ethnic, bohemian and tropical motifs,” says Beattie. For footwear, strappy sandals with cut-outs as well as the gladiator in short or long will be key.