Sunny Dayz Ahead for Sun ‘N’ Sand

Sun ‘N’ Sand Accessories—the ever-popular brand of hats and bags for women and men—recently launched a new line of headwear for infants and young children called Sunny Dayz. A multitude of styles for both girls and boys provide adorable and comfortable solutions for sun protection. This line of headwear makes it cool to be a kid.

Styles for infants and girls include packable and durable cotton reversibles in a variety of prints and solids with adjustable chin cords. Colorful paper-braid fedoras, floppys and safari styles are offered. Brims are trimmed with leather cords, girlish printed fabrics or charms. Ribbon buckets, floppys and fedoras portray a playful mix of fun color combinations. Cotton cadets round out the collection. For active boys, cotton reversibles with adjustable chin cords, cadets and bucket hats are offeçred in a variety of blue prints and solids. Rush and paper-straw safari, fedora and lifeguard hats are smartly adorned with leather cords or boyish striped or plaid trims. Sun visors, buckets hats and vented polyester hats in solid shades round out the extensive collection. For more information, visit